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Diploma in General Nursing & Midwifery

This three years course is offered by our group. We have very good campus, staff, laboratory and excellent management.

1. Open for all irrespective of state, region, caste, creed and community.
2. Educational qualification should be P.U.C., 10+2, PDC or any equilent passed (Science, Arts or commerce).
3. Single women, age between 17 to 35 years good character and sound health.
4. Admission date is before 31st Aug. every year.
5. A good knowledge of English is essential and candidate must be prepared to lear Kannada.

Documents Require
1. Marks sheets & pass certificate of P.U.C., 10+2, PDC or equivalent examination.
2. Transfer certificate, conduct and date of birth certificate.
3. 5 copies of recent passport size photos.
4. Caste certificate (in case of SC, ST & BC)
5. A convey letter in candidates own hand writing with the list of enclosure.

1. Each application will be scrutinized by the selection committee.
2. Performance in the PUC or intermediate or PDC examination will form the basis for preliminary selection.
3. Provisionally selected candidates are called for an interview at their own expenses.
4. All candidates appearing for interview must undergo a complete medical checkup.
5. Within two days, following the interview the list of candidates selected provisionally for the course will be announced.
6. The selected candidates must pay their fees and join the course on or before prescribed date failing which the admission granted will cancelled.

1. Examination and Certificates
There will be three public examination held by the Government of Karnataka: Board Examination.
1st Examination at the end of 1st year
2nd Examination at the end of 2nd year
3rd Examination at the end of 3rd year

2. Internal Assessment
25% of the marks is set apart for internal assessment which will be added with the final grade in the board exam. Practical assessment is done is theoretical practical clinical performances of the Trainees by way of tests, assignment & presentation is the class rooms/hospital as well as field practice area.

2a) Students Health Programme
A comprehensive health programme is available to all students. The preventive health programs include Physical Examinations routine Laboratory test and immunization to maintain immunity. Students undergo a complete checkup on admission & there after every year. Students are eligible for one month (30 day) leave annually. This is arranged according to the convenience of the Hospital and the School of Nursing.

2b) Hours of Duty
Working hours are up to a maximum of 36 hours a week. Each students has one day off during each week arranged at the discretion of the ward Sister Concerned Students are assigned night duty and expected to spend a specific duration on night duty.

Course Details
The first three months of training is called preliminary training period at the end of which there will be an examination. The failed candidates are given second chance and if they a are found unify, they will not be allowed to continue studies.

I. Year Minimum Hours for Instruction & Supervised Practice
1. Basic Science applied to Nursing                                     Hours
Anatomy & Physiology                                                 -         80
Physics & Chemistry                                                     -       20
Microbiology                                                                -         30
Total                                                                            -       130

2. Behavior Science applied to Nursing
Psychology                                                                   -       60
Sociology                                                                     -        30
Total                                                                            -        90

3. Community Health Nursing- 1 Nutrition                     -           30
Hygiene, personal & environmental                               -          40
Health Education & Communication Skill                      -          10
Community Health Nursing                                           -        100
Total                                                                           -       180     

4. Nursing Fundamental of Nursing                               -           160
Total                                                                           -         560

II Year Medical Surgical Nursing (including Pharmacology)

Gynecology, Orthopaedic, Eye                                      -         240
ENT Communicable disease                                         -           30
Psychiatric Nursing & Mental Health                             -           50
Pediatric Nursing                                                         -           30
Advance Nursing
Total                                                                           -        350

III Year
Midwifery Alternate course for male Students                -           100
Community nit Health Nursing II                                   -           100
Professional Trends & Adjustments                              -           30
Management in Nursing                                               -           20
Total                                                                         -           250

Manasa School of Nursing
GNM (General Nursing & Midwifery)
Eligibility: 12th /II PUC (Any Stream) Age Limit: 17-35, Medium of Instruction: English

I Year
Basic Science
Anatomy & Physiology
Physics & Chemistry
Behavioral Science
Community Health Nursing!
Hygiene Personal & Environmental Health
Education & Communication Skill
Community Health Nursing
Fundamentals of Nursing

II Year
Medical/Surgical Nursing I (Including Pharmacology)
Medical / Surgical Nursing II (Including gynecological, Orthopedic
Nursing, Eye, ENT, Communicable Diseases
Psychiatric, Nursing & Mental Health
Pediatric Nursing
Advanced Nursing Practice

III Year
Midwifery / alternate course for male students
Community Health Nursing II
Professional Trends and
Adjustments Management in Nursing

Examinations and Certificate
There will be three public examinations held by the Government of Karnataka Both written and practical examinations are conducted at the end of each year.

The Institute conducts selection of the candidates two months before the Common Board Examinations and only those who pass in the Selection Examinations will be allowed to sit for the Common Board Examinations. The minimum marks required for passing any examinations is 50% in each subject. No candidates is allowed to sit for Examination if his attendance is less then 75%. The percentage of classroom, clinical attendance general conduct of students and the performance in the clinical area are taken into consideration for the selection of the candidates for allowing them to appear for examinations.

Manasa School and College of Nursing
Manasa School and College of Nursing Manasa School and College of Nursing